by Mike's Apartment

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The debut album from Mike's Apartment, an Independent Neo Soul band from Manila, Philippines.


released September 27, 2008

All songs written by Mike Constantino
Arranged by Mike's Apartment
Produced by Sweetspot



all rights reserved


Mike's Apartment Manila, Philippines

An independent Soul band from Manila, Philippines. Formed: 2005

Bass: Yuna Reguerra
Drums: Jobit Arguelles
Keys: Jesser Sison
Vocals: Mike Constantino

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Track Name: Mabuhay
Kay sarap biglang mabuhay
Hinugot mo ako mula sa hukay
Tinurukan ng pagbabago ang diwang matamlay
Ang pagkarito’y nilagyan ng saysay

Hindi lang pala ako ang siyang nagdurusa
Marami rin kaming nagkakaganito
Pagbukas ay tila kahapon ng kahapon
Pagkabigo’y pinagtitipon-tipon

Sumilong ako sa higpit ng kapit mo
At dun natanto ang bulong na nagpalaya
Sumiping ang danos ko sa iyong ngiting makulay
Iniwan ang mundo ko’t sumapi dun sayo


Himlayan ng pusong kong basag na basag
Binulabog mo’t kinupkop, inaruga
Binunyag natin ang nahanap na wagas
Pinagsigawan ng lubos sa buong madla


Hindi lang ito ang nais ko
Para sakin at para sayo
Ang mabuhay at mamatay ng pantay pantay
Sabay, sabay, sabay
Track Name: Nagdedeliryo
Kapag gumising nako sa aking pag-idlip
Di maalala ang kailan lang, nasa panaginip
Ngunit kapag nagising ang tulog na pag-iisip
Alam kong ikaw yon, ikaw at ako yun

Buong araw, saan man ako magawi
Init ng ating katawan lang ang laging nasa isip
‘Di mahintay ang pagsapit ng gabi
Upang magsama tayo sa tulog kong muli

Nagdedeliryo sa pagtingin sa yo
Nagdedeliryo sa kagandahan mo
Nagdedeliryo, sa mata’t kutis mo
Nagdedeliryo, sayo, sayo

Tunay kaya ‘tong aking narinig-rinig?
Ako rin raw ay laman ng iyong mga mithiin
Magkita kaya tayo, kahit sandali
Upang ang pagnanasa natin ay mapawi

Nagdedeliryo sa pagtingin sa yo
Nagdedeliryo sa pag-indayog mo
Nagdedeliryo, sana maging tayo
Nagdedeliryo, sayo, sayo


Nagdedeliryo sa pagtingin sa yo
Nagdedeliryo sa paghalik mo sa katawan ko
Nagdedeliryo, sana maging tayo
Nagdedeliryo, tayo, tayo
Track Name: Lambing
So meron ngang problema?
Kasi ang asim ng iyong mukha
Tapos kunot pa ang iyong noo
At pangiwi-ngiwi ang labi mo

Ako ba ang may kasalanan?
‘Di ko alam pinag-awayan
Mukhang iiyak ka na naman
Baby, wala namang ganyanan

E ‘di napangiti rin kita?
Kay simple lang pala, nagalit ka
Tuma-timing lang naman ako
Para makabawi-bawi sayo

‘Wag sayangin itong gabi
Nagpabango ako, at gel pati
Mamaya yari ka sakin
Romansa espesyal, todo-lambing

Alam ko na’ng kailangan: Lambing
Himas, haplos, yapos, halik, sabik
Ka lang sa lambing

Uy, smile naman diyan
Tahan na, baby, tahan
Tama na’ng nguyngoy tsaka dabog
Ugat mo sa leeg sasabog

Bati na tayo, pa-kiss naman
Kapit na dito sating holding hands
Kain tayo, sagot ko libre
Sorry na, will you forgive me?

Track Name: Thin Gray
That thin gray line has always baffled me
Much like the way I don’t get how I feel
For you I’d take of all my clothes and show me
For you, my love, I rave and reel

The smell of the salty ocean breeze on your skin
The smell of a woody perfume on your nape
The love we feel between us rings true from within
The lust that’s in my breath hot on your ear

We don’t know what to call it
We don’t know what we are
All we know is who we are to each other
Our love and lust combined is mad lethal

That thin gray line between love and lust
It marks a point between the two of us
The way we feel for each other, the soothing touch we feel
Combining lust and love makes it for real

Sex these days comes so cheap and love comes so hard
But when our lips touch and our legs lock, it’s bizarre
To see you, to smell you, woman
Me without ya, that’s what longing is all about




Track Name: Curtain Rays
Welcome to my world
My place, my solace
It’s not often that one comes through
The dance is almost over
The chase has made us sober
And we both know this could be very very good

Take you by the elbow
Lead you into the shadows
We wake up with a smirk and a whistle
Then slumber all over

These rays through the curtains
Are telling us it’s morning
This signifies the dawning of a new love
One night’s worth of loving
The melody of knowing
This signifies the dawning of a new love

Good morning
I give you a peck on the neck
All morning
We do it, then do it again and again and again


The revelry of these warm lights
Touching your skin and mine
Telling us both it’ll be fine, just fine
I’d offer to take you home
But I don’t want to be all alone

Track Name: Can Do
I know a man don't usually say it out loud
And oftentimes, we’re not profound
But I want to shout it out to the world
And I’ma use just simple terms
And you must never, ever have a doubt
I'm a changed man forever since you, I found
Eternally my heart for you is sealed
And that is why to you, I reveal

My mornings come and I wake up
And I look forward to seeing your love
Manifest in the things you do
It's so refreshing that I have you
I can stare at your face all day
I'll show my love for you a million ways
Don't do the things I used to do
This is what your love for me can do

I don't stay up and drink all night
Yesterday, I backed down from a fight
I'm humming tunes throughout the day
I say silly things I never used to say
My words and music now have more soul
I find myself more and more at home
I’m saving money, just a little each day
For when forever finally comes our way

Track Name: The First (Full Version)
I’ve loved you yet you never knew it
The way you know me, you wouldn’t have thought it
My subtle ways of showing you were just too subtle
Expression was out of the question, and was yet to rupture
You were in my dreams, then in reality the next
I could always dream you, but could never ever touch you

It will never be special again (4x)
I should have been first (8x)

Your skin is electric, oh to feel and believe
Yet you never felt me the way I wanted you to conceive
When I think of you down, I am blistered, flustered, daunted, angered
I only wanted to share it with you

It will never be special again (4x)
I should have been first (8x)
It will never be special again (4x)
I should have been first (8x)
My soul flies till it’s gone (4x)
My soul flies till it’s gone, you are gone
Track Name: Slow Burn
This love is a slow burn
No it ain’t the whirlwind type
A lot of the time you yearn
A lot of times you dwell on all your gripes

This love is a slow burn
No it ain’t love at first sight
Though most times you cling and pine
A lot of times you struggle to make things right

It takes work, it takes work

This love is a slow burn
Me and you both, we’ve got to try
To see past the differences
To find the passions in each other’s eyes

This love is the kind that burns
If you don’t put in the proper time
You don’t want to end up hurt
You’ve got to learn the secrets of compromise

It takes work, it takes work

This love is a slow burn
Acknowledge that for peace of mind
You know that my love burns deep
If that wasn’t clear, I apologize

This love is the kind that burns
If you let it take over your life
You must leave some room for you
Love yourself first then so shall I

It takes work, it takes work
Track Name: Alat
Naglayag tayo, alam kung saan ang tungo, sa dagat
Inimpake mo suliraning naghahabol pa-dagat
Butil ng buhangin, linamnam ng iyong pawis, sa dagat
Matayog na puno, sa langit ang turo, sa dagat

Ilabas lahat ng alat
Pakawalan mo sa dagat

Nagising tayo sa himlay ng kubo, sa dagat
Ihabi’t ihawi, buhok na palamuti, sa dagat
Sa hilo ng toma, ‘wag magpatama, sa dagat
Sidhi ng ibang siping ‘wag nang pansinin, sa dagat

Ilabas lahat ng alat
Pakawalan mo sa dagat
Pag-ibig ay ikalat
Damdami’y isiwalat
Track Name: Bad Mouth (Full Version)
Everything that comes out from your pretty little mouth
Affects me immensely
Quite possibly
If you ask me to step out the car and walk home, I’d do it

And when you tell me that my shoes don’t match my shirt because
My socks are yellow, my head goes down
So if you keep it positive and constructive, I’ll thank you for it
I can be me, I can be cool

So now, just shut your mouth
Baby, change your ways
And all the shit you say
Or else I’ll either die or waste away in sorrow
With what comes out of your bad mouth

Then if your bad mouth starts to blab about the stuff we’ve always fought about
I end up drained and insecure
And when your bad mouth starts to blame me for each and every thing
My insecurity devours me


You know it always just seems to come down to this
You ramble on, my ears shut down, I’m pissed
Well if you let me tell you what I think for once
And open up your mind just a tad bit for fun
We’ll come to terms with something amicable and lasting
And somehow get to that storybook ending
Instead you say shit, not ever compromising
The earplugs are off, the duct tape is wrapping your bad mouth

See all I wanna know
Is if your bad mouth and mine
Can meet up
And lock up
We can be free
We can be cool

Track Name: Refrain
Over and over
And over and over

Well well well
I figured this would happen
I put my full self out there and kaboom
In my face
It takes two to tango
Co-abusive, motive, so who’s to blame?

Crying shame
I thought the wait was worth it
And now we find ourselves at odds, this seems in vain
Damn this whole relationship
We try to fix it, nothing happens, we rotate


Here we go again
The cycle blends
Here we go again
It’s sucking me in

I swore this wouldn’t happen
Again, but then I’m in, no path to flee, I’m doomed
Cease, desist
Farewell to you my mismatch
Go find another sap for you to cling to



Track Name: To The Grave
No choice but to take the pain and let it linger
Suffer till I get back on the good side of time
My room we used to be in keeps on taunting me
As if I could forget for more than a minute

You talk and walk past me as if I was nothing
Though I’m breaking up inside I do not show it cause of pride
You know exactly how I’m dealing, trying, coping
With the issues of it all, we’re ill at ease, uncomfortable

Grieve to the grave
Grieve to the grave
Grieve to the grave
Grieve, I’m a slave

The shadow of our love keeps hounding me nonstop
It’s a burden on my back, a burden on my back, they coax it, cajole it
And you and all your things can’t help but whisper to it too
They say get back together, you’re meant to be together

Grieve to the grave (3x)
Track Name: See You
No words were said when last we met
Yet many verses were chanted when you left
The unexpectedness of such
A journey that was not to be this soon, astonished
We had a link not many had
A certain truth, sincerity that
Would always tide us through all that was awkward
The history and chemistry, anatomy
Of you and me always unites us as one in promise

It’s all in the seeing
You seeing me, me seeing you
It’s all in the seeing
That goodbye just simply means “see you later”

I see you
Through your windows of visions I perceive
I see you
This parting is just a brief excuse for us to be
I see you
Down the way, by and by, you and I, you and I
I see you
Hold my hand, give it a squeeze, then let go

So until then I’ll conduct myself
In a way that you would deem becoming
And as with you, just push your dreams
From here on earth to up there in the heavens